Monday, May 03, 2010

May Daze

I don't know why it is that May is the hardest to handle - but it is. There is so very little down time, and what down time there is is spent feeling guilty that we aren't out enjoying the weather. This week I had some unexpected time off of work, so we...enjoyed the weather. And now I'm exhausted. Here is what we did:

1. NC State Wolfpack baseball. Screw the Bulls! This was cheaper, with better views, and though I did miss having the healthy Durham option of the veggie burrito, there is nothing wrong with an all-beef hot dog every now and again. We stayed for almost all nine action-packed innings and loved the whole scene.

2. The new NC Museum of Art. What a lovely place. Whilst I had some issues with a few things (I'm still not sure the addition has anything to do at all with the existing building, and the restaurant is tiny and awfully close to the art), I found the space soothing and gorgeous and completely welcoming. Certain of the art was showcased oh-so-much better, and the outside spaces are wondrous - full of native plantings, reflective pools, and well-placed sculpture. I'll post some pictures soon.

3. The Durham Performing Arts Center - DPAC. Ok, ok, not outside: but we did have a lovely stroll in downtown Durham from parking to pavilion. My daughter and I saw "Wicked" at a very high ticket price (thanks for the bonus, boss!) and I daresay I enjoyed the whole vibe in Durham just as much as the well-acted and sung show. My current dissing of the Bulls nonwithstanding, I feel certain we'll visit again soon, especially when ADF comes to town and the dancers get to leave the crappy stages at Duke and move to this glistening new theatre. (Yes: I enjoyed "Wicked". The play made a lot more sense of the prequel to "Wizard of Oz" than the book and the music is downright classic. The acting of our traveling troupe was surprisingly effective. And who doesn't love all the wailing, now famous from "Glee", of "Defying Gravity"? Not me! That said, of the very few musicals I've seen in recent years, I still think "Spring Awakening" is the most moving.)

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Anonymous said...

Jealous that you saw NCMA AND Wicked in the same weekend.