Friday, April 24, 2009

You Knew Flannery was Key

From Variety Season Pass:

Q. What works may have influenced you?:
You’re obviously huge fans of Stephen King… I was wondering how the ending to “The Dark Tower” informs yours. (Simplevincent)… I have read that “The Stand” is very influential to the mythology of “Lost.” (William) Are you guys fans of Irish literature as “Lost” seems to have similarities to a number of famous Irish stories, including of course ‘Ulysses”? (Brian) … The “Star Wars: Episode 4” influences are on display. True? (.35) … I have wondered if one of your big influences came in the form of a wicked British children’s show called “Children of the Stones,” particularly with time and cycles. (Spymunk and JimK). I am struck by the similarities in scope and tone between “Lost” and “The Prisoner.” (Jeanette) Of all the books referenced in the show, which fathered your show’s structure the most? (Mischa)
Are any of these, indeed influences and are there others not mentioned here?

CC: For both Damon and me Stephen King’s “The Stand” was the most influential model for “Lost.” Because “Lost” is not the tenth carbon copy of a medical, legal or cop show there wasn’t a clear roadmap for how to make it work for 100 episodes by looking at other TV shows. So instead we turned to “The Stand,” a 1,000-page novel with a high-concept idea at the core: most of the world’s inhabitants have been killed by a super flu. What we loved about the book was that what sustains the 1,000 pages is not the mythology of the super flu but the stories of the characters. The mystery of what was happening on this island had to be secondary to the mystery of “who are these people?” In terms of creative inspiration we owe a debt to many other sources: the Bible, “Twin Peaks,” “The Prisoner,” the Narnia Chronicles, and of course “Star Wars” and all of its mythological antecedents, Kurt Vonnegut and Flannery O’Connor.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Nice to Gays" is Written on Your Forehead

The title of this post is an actual description of me made by a boy who asked me to marry him - should it not work out with anyone else -
when we were 30. Obviously, he's gay, and much happier now without me as a wife. And yes, my real-life situation was also an actual "Will and Grace" plot line.

So no one need be surprised at my current fascination with Little Edie, given her status as icon in the queer community. And because out-of-town soccer tourneys mean free HBO (oh, and so much more for the soccer player and the family, I know, I know) not only did I get to see "#1 Ladies Detective Agency" (the most positive, uplifting HBO thing I've ever seen) but I got to see "Grey Gardens" as they premiered.

My friend Lynn has always had a huge crush on Drew Barrymore. Let me say now that I understand. Unequivocally. The joy! The accent! The costumes! The cabaret show! I loved it all.

The cast featured Jeanne Tripplehorn, who is luminous, and the great Malcolm Gets. He's delicious in the movie and plays piano as beautifully as he sings and acts.

I am feeling on top of things culturally. Now, if I could just get the family and house organized before May hits, all will be well.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

From Mo Dowd's Easter article on Iowa, the new California:

Max Mutchnick, the co-creator of “Will and Grace,” who married the entertainment lawyer Erik Hyman in Beverly Hills just days before Proposition 8 passed last November — theirs is among the 18,000 or so marriages now in legal limbo — was tickled by the idea of Iowa as the new California.

“Will we see David Geffen rollerblading in the Des Moines skywalk?” Mutchnick mused. “Will paparazzi chase after farmers looking for candid shots? Will Ashton and Demi be BlackBerrying friends from their corner table at Applebee’s? Will there be a new line of Kiehl’s products for goats?”

Mutchnick, who is raising twin girls with Hyman, frets that President Obama may be behind the country on this issue, and that the Obamas do not have enough gays around them.

“If more homosexuals were in the Obamas’ lives,” the writer said, “there is no way Michelle would have worn a twin set when she met the queen.”

Nah, I think she looked great. But that's funny anyway. Back to the sofa for Sunday at Augusta!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Happy Easter/Passover/Freakish Cold Snap/Modified Spring Break

A little indie pop to get you through your weekend.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Happy Birthday, Little Sir!

A full weekend of fun. Lots of farting and burping when two friends spent the night Friday. Also the cussing? "Crap" and "damn" were about the worst, but...ok, I did it when I was their age, too. Just when I was about to lose hope in nine year-old humanity, they decided to watch "Curse of the Were- Rabbit" and I was reminded that they are, after all, little kids.

All the favorite foods: chocolate chip waffles, cupcakes, pizza, PR, and Chubby's. All the asked-for gifts: assorted balls and jerseys, and a Slim Jim. Plus some soccer in the sunshine.

He's a good boy, and a complete charmer. It's a miracle he hasn't broken a limb yet. He's ill-dressed at all times, has too much hair, is stinky and dirty, and I couldn't be happier that he's mine.

Friday, April 03, 2009