Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Nice to Gays" is Written on Your Forehead

The title of this post is an actual description of me made by a boy who asked me to marry him - should it not work out with anyone else -
when we were 30. Obviously, he's gay, and much happier now without me as a wife. And yes, my real-life situation was also an actual "Will and Grace" plot line.

So no one need be surprised at my current fascination with Little Edie, given her status as icon in the queer community. And because out-of-town soccer tourneys mean free HBO (oh, and so much more for the soccer player and the family, I know, I know) not only did I get to see "#1 Ladies Detective Agency" (the most positive, uplifting HBO thing I've ever seen) but I got to see "Grey Gardens" as they premiered.

My friend Lynn has always had a huge crush on Drew Barrymore. Let me say now that I understand. Unequivocally. The joy! The accent! The costumes! The cabaret show! I loved it all.

The cast featured Jeanne Tripplehorn, who is luminous, and the great Malcolm Gets. He's delicious in the movie and plays piano as beautifully as he sings and acts.

I am feeling on top of things culturally. Now, if I could just get the family and house organized before May hits, all will be well.