Thursday, March 29, 2007

I can't say that it is what I would do, but John Edwards' decision to keep running is something I can respect. Respect as a personal choice. And as his and Elizbeth Edwards' own decision made after great care and meditation.

The comment that ought to calm the angry mob is by Ellen Goodman in her column today, but I guess there are those that would see her byline and skip it. She says that there is a lot of illness in the presidential race: Giuliani has had cancer, as had John McCain. And Hillary's husband has heart disease. Do we need to start debating whether or not those folks should run or stay home with their spouses?
Ellen Goodman:| His mission, her legacy

Monday, March 26, 2007

Oh Maddy, I still love you.

(though I spent the weekend with Amy....)

Sunday, March 25, 2007

"So who is more strict, me or Daddy?"

"When Daddy is mean he is like Professor Snape, when you are mean, it's like a Howler.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm a little late to the party (again), but I'm glad to even attend any event with Amy Winehouse. I've had trouble, with all my new music of late, finding a woman I like a lot. This girl is crazy, apparently a drunk, has voice, and is BRITISH. What's not to like.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Here is something interesting to read about Garrison Keilor's essay on gay America, written by the woman who writes "Finslippy", a blog I sometimes check out:Alice's essay at AlphaMom

There are other interesting things. There was my birthday which was a day of incomparable delights - a song written (and recorded! on GarageBand!) in my honor, breakfast in bed, coffee with some right-on females, lunch with my delicious husband (and "dessert" with him later), great gifts, and many good wishes.

There was a mediocre episode of "24" last night. But that doesn't warrant a comment.

There was the celebration of my dad's birthday in Georgia this weekend. Going to Georgia is such a vast, intense mixture of emotions for me that I can hardly talk about it much less write. But suffice to say, my husband had to talk with me A LOT last night before having his dessert because I had to just empty out my brain and heart.

The shiny, lovely side of the Georgia coin is being with my family and having fun times with my daddy. I feel incredibly lucky to have had him for so long and I pray daily to have him just a little bit longer if not much much longer. Many friends have lost parents this very month, so I'm mindful of the gift I have.

Damn is that depressing. Ok! So please do remember to celebrate spring tonight at 8:07... I plan to celebrate by watching deleted scenes on my new "Borat" dvd and perhaps grilling an organic chicken breast after soccer practice. Happy vernal equinox!!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I can't blog right now, I'm watching Eddie Vedder induct R.E.M. into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Damn, I feel like I'm at my child's college graduation.

I know y'all wish I would move on, and I will. But sheesh, they are my home boys and gad, I feel old thinking they've been around so long, and man, did they influence me wildly.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

As an addendum to the previous post where I was so irate about the woman who imposed on me so unceremoniously, I saw her yesterday and was snubbed (is she shy? She bettter be) and I had to park behind her SUV with a, yes, "W" sticker on it.

I leave you to your own conclusions here.

But enough nastiness, its Lent, and my sacrifice has been really worthwhile. I have totally cheated - hard not to do so when the tabloids stare at you in the grocery check-out line, a place I find myself most nearly every day. So I know the Jolie-Pitts are adopting again. I also have heard some rumours of a Liz Hurley wedding in India! and that Britney has done something else.

And it is nice not to really care.

Am I more productive? Who knows. I've been working on a project with my brother: 65 memories for my Dad, in honor of his 65th birthday. I wrote an award nomination for one of our PTA committees. I've helped block the church musical production and wrangled the children for the performance (and had a lot of fun doing it). I taught my preschoolers. I slept through the 7:30 a.m. call at church this week - OOPS. I've watched one of my two tv shows. I've cooked hot delish meals. I've excercised every day. I've carted children about here and there. I helped with homework and played a LOT of one-on-one. I went to my very last Junior League meeting of all time.

Wait, what?? If you read that list at all, I salute your attention span and your kind interest in my mundane-at-times life. But did you see that last one? Yes, I'm resigning. Not sustaining, not taking a leave, quitting. It was fun at times, I learned a lot, I got a free trip to Tampa out of it, and now it is time to move along.

With all my free time, I plan to sit on a community board for a non-profit preschool, exercise even more, and hopefully do something fun for volunteer work like help coach one of my son's teams or start a Girl Scout troop with my daughter. We'll just have to see. Ideas welcome!

Monday, March 12, 2007

R.E.M. In the Hall is a nice tribute to our boys. Over the weekend, I had occasion to hear some friends talk about how R.E.M. played into their life story - their memories of early albums and seeing the band live when they were young and carefree. Want to share your own memories here? Now's as good a time as any what with the band making it into the HOF.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Unanimously approved! My favorite part is "...;and for other purposes." What purposes? Their political activism? Stipe's movie production credits? (Thanks Nate P.!)

Not so happy about the rally promoting passage of an amendment against gay marriage in Raleigh today. No new legislation needed, people. Also? You were really making traffic about impossible on Peace Street. And, much like my colleague and friend Big Arm Woman, who grows tired of the ranting and raving about how we've screwed the environment, I am close to becoming numb on the gay marriage amendment topic due to all the wailing and whining. Watch out all you rallying pro-marriage legislation lovers! You might just make the general populace think that gay marriage is kind of boring and blase, and then what????

Friday, March 02, 2007

The Arcade Fire played New York this week... and you know how I do; I know set lists, celebs that showed up (THOUGH THAT IS NOT OFFICIALLY CELEBRITY NEWS, PER SE), and how they sounded on each of the five nights.

But I won't go see them live.

No, when they play nearest here it will be in Asheville, NC and I will be in my church's fellowship hall helping produce a tired Broadway musical for the congregation.

God help me.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

You know, it's true: J. Lo did indeed "float in on a cloud of glamour". Read more here.

I know, I know...but technically it is not celebrity news, per se. It is celebrity style-bashing, completely different animal.

I'm trying to get my mind off of the moaning from the corner. My poor husband had four wisdom teeth extracted this morning, and where he was cute and funny and pathetic earlier he is now swollen and miserable and pathetic. Sad.

I'm trying to be a good nurse. I've only dozed off once, and have not yet had any wine. I've prepared lots of drinks and broths, and I've asked lots of questions, such as "Can I change your gauze?" and "Is it time for me to insert the Phenergan suppository yet?"