Wednesday, March 14, 2007

As an addendum to the previous post where I was so irate about the woman who imposed on me so unceremoniously, I saw her yesterday and was snubbed (is she shy? She bettter be) and I had to park behind her SUV with a, yes, "W" sticker on it.

I leave you to your own conclusions here.

But enough nastiness, its Lent, and my sacrifice has been really worthwhile. I have totally cheated - hard not to do so when the tabloids stare at you in the grocery check-out line, a place I find myself most nearly every day. So I know the Jolie-Pitts are adopting again. I also have heard some rumours of a Liz Hurley wedding in India! and that Britney has done something else.

And it is nice not to really care.

Am I more productive? Who knows. I've been working on a project with my brother: 65 memories for my Dad, in honor of his 65th birthday. I wrote an award nomination for one of our PTA committees. I've helped block the church musical production and wrangled the children for the performance (and had a lot of fun doing it). I taught my preschoolers. I slept through the 7:30 a.m. call at church this week - OOPS. I've watched one of my two tv shows. I've cooked hot delish meals. I've excercised every day. I've carted children about here and there. I helped with homework and played a LOT of one-on-one. I went to my very last Junior League meeting of all time.

Wait, what?? If you read that list at all, I salute your attention span and your kind interest in my mundane-at-times life. But did you see that last one? Yes, I'm resigning. Not sustaining, not taking a leave, quitting. It was fun at times, I learned a lot, I got a free trip to Tampa out of it, and now it is time to move along.

With all my free time, I plan to sit on a community board for a non-profit preschool, exercise even more, and hopefully do something fun for volunteer work like help coach one of my son's teams or start a Girl Scout troop with my daughter. We'll just have to see. Ideas welcome!


Eric said...

I think your life is pretty interesting and full and you are quite friendly.

Christine said...

How about heading up your Book Club?