Friday, April 27, 2007

I completely sold Amy Winehouse to my cousin-in-law, and he has since found some fun facts about our favorite drunken British chanteuse:

1. Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black' reached No. 1 in the U.K.
2. Ghostface Killah guested on the U.S. version of 'You Know I'm No Good,' but the pair has never actually met.
3. She's been tapped to record the theme to an upcoming James Bond movie.
4. Is known for drunken onstage antics and told us, "I enjoy alcohol. I really enjoy alcohol."

P.S. Hey cuz! Hope you don't mind I put you up on the Internets.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The DL -- Music. Pop. Indie Rock. Comedy. A Web Show From AOL Music: MORE Amy Winehouse.

(I have not watched all of it, I won't lie, but I want to. Does that count?)

More music news:

Last night we were the lucky guests of our dear friend and the Reigning Patroness of the Arts in our burgh at a jazz show featuring Nicole Henry. (Be sure and find a photo that highlights her killer biceps) So much culture and such fun drinking it in these days! Nicole hushed the house with an impromptu bass/vocal version of "Misty", and she did some fine readings of standards and show tunes. We had a great time chatting during the show, which may be the best way to see a show? I get shhleeepy shometimesh when I sit in concert venues; last night I was hyped up and a bit tipsy and engaged in various discussions about asses, indie rock, and local honey.

Tonight my family had our last little dinner together til Sunday, and I'm acting out a bit. I don't throw tantrums, but I fuss and fret and whine when I know we are all about to be separated. I'm trying to get used to it, because I know it will be the norm soon enough.

I will stop here due to the extreme rambling that seems to be occurring. Happy Weekend!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Via Stereogum, a web site that I wish I was writing/had written. My friend ANP of ATL could write it, and has, at various points in his life, waxed quite poetically about our favorite band.

To wit:

I think the downward slope began with New Adventures
in Hi-Fi, which in retrospect is a pretty darn good
album (except for "Leave").

I didn't really care for Up, haven't listened to it in
years and have no really desire to listen to it again.

I liked Reveal quite a bit when it came out. But I
listened to it again a couple of weeks ago, and it
didn't do much for me this most-recent time.

I thought "Bad Day" was kind of fun and I've listened
to it a few times, but it didn't knock my socks off. I
thought "Animal" was hideous and I've only listened to
it twice.

I know you have experienced a renaissance of sorts in
the past year or so with R.E.M., and I wish I could
experience something similar. But they just don't work
for me right now.

Don't get the idea that pop music in general doesn't
work for me right now, because it does. Just not

I don't dislike them, I just feel nonplussed by them.
Which I think is better than outright disliking them,
in spite of what the Holy Bible tells us about it
being better to hate God than to be lukewarm about

(I don't believe in the Holy Bible; that analogy just
seemed to fit)

I used to love Liz Phair, now she really rubs me the
wrong way. But this is because she made a conscious
decision to try to appeal to the masses and be a
slicked-up sex goddess with photo spreads in Vogue and
in ads for Calvin Klein. Which on the surface seems
not so different from the pissed-but-charming sex
addict she portrayed on Exile in Guyville. But it is,
I just can't explain why right now.

REM have not taken the path of Liz Phair, but they
haven't done anything to interest me in a while
either. Maybe I shouldn't lump REM and Liz together,
but they are two recording artists (how do you like my
use of that term?) that have fallen in recent years
from once-high pedestals in my esteem

Monday, April 23, 2007

Do you have a couple of hours to waste? If so, I highly recommend the indie rock collective gathered by Jesus Christ on His blog. The site can rarely handle the many hits that It gets (and deservedly so) but if you are patient you can watch dreamy hipster girls sling out the hits.

So far I've enjoyed Wilco girl and of course The Verve girl. I mean, I went for that one first, obvs.

I look forward to perhaps checking out the Radiohead and Pixies girls. And maybe Laura Viers girl can make me like Laura Viers?

Sunday, April 22, 2007

My solo weekend with my son went just fine. A nice family treated us to the best Mexican in town, I got to watch the Austen adaptation, the boy and I had a huge fight which meant that he was then sweet as pie the rest of the weekend, and man, we did the sports. We went to the driving range for HOURS, we played one-on-one for HOURS, we watched the Braves v. Mets (Glavine v. Smoltz!!! I was in heaven!) for HOURS (and I took a nap, too...bliss!)

Now everyone is home and tired and grumpy. Grrrr. We are so busy that sometimes our down time is not fun. Maybe because we know the down time is just build up to more busy time.

Something has to give. But it won't, not until school lets out. And I flee this tired old town and disappear into the mists for days on end. I cannot wait.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Can we really abide the fact that the phrase "campus shooting" is a common phrase in our country's vernacular?

Art may not heal us at this moment, but I remember certain affecting books, music, and films at times like these, and I'm cautiously optimistic about a forthcoming film version of one of my favorite books. Stikeira Knightly is in it, but she looks great, the sets look great, and the story is one of atonement...

Monday, April 16, 2007

What a yicky day. The wind is scary and getting stronger, trees are down all around, the news is all about the 21 kids killed at Va. Tech (some execution style?) and damn that Dr. Phil for doing a show about a six year-old who was raped by her grandfather (and damn the gym for putting close-captioning on the tvs right in front of my elliptical machine).

It's as though the world didn't realize that I am already a worrywart. I'm focusing on new music and will do some yoga with the kiddos this afternoon. Also? I put another Austen flick on my queue for the weekend. There are some small, satisfying pleasures to be had in this life.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Lost cast interviews...that reveal a little, not a lot. I know we are going to have a Ben flashback, and that should take place May 9 if my sources are correct...and they sometimes aren't!

Wednesday's episode of Lost had me in tears three times. That is good television.

My husband likes to read this guy's armchair quarterbacking...I like to read the comments on Pop Candy.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

So I'm not really a Thomas Hardyphile. But I was completely affected and shaped by Kurt Vonnegut, so today's news is hard to take.

His philosophy to be nice to each other is one I've always found helpful and important. Loss is painful enough - do we really need to be unkind in addition to all the woe it brings?

I'll be a little sweeter today in memoriam.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

"Do you like Thomas Jefferson or James Madison better?"

"James Madison."

"I KNEW IT! We were destined to be together. Who else could know you like I do??"


"Here honey, I just read this article about Thomas Hardy in the New Yorker. I saved it for you."

"Wow. I love Sergeant Troy."

"Yeah. Well. The article went flying over my head, anyway."

"Gosh, maybe I should read "The Woodlanders...."

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Well, Happy Easter people!

We had the best damn ham we've ever tasted today! And we enjoyed some damn fine company as well, and heard some fantastic church music that made me a bit embarrassed and worried for my little set-up. Hmmm.

Anywho - hope the bunny was good to you today. The bunny pictured above was NOT good, thus keeping me well on-track for never having baked a successful cake.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

It's the little dude's birthday. I never said he wasn't a rascal, or occasionally ill-behaved, or didn't make awfully dangerous and/or disgusting choices, but: this morning he has awakened us early with admonitions to not argue or have any strife, for it is his special day. He has loved on us with pure, unadulterated sweetness and been so tender with his sister. He is grateful for his gifts (roller blades...agh) with effusive joy. He is happy and open-faced.

Seven years ago he came into the world with a lot of trouble and not a little late, but every year since has been a fascinating and enjoyable adventure. The only vision I had for myself as a mother, really, was one of playing outdoors with a little boy - one of my favorite jobs as a camp counselor. I had forgotten how bad they smell, how infuriating they can be, and how sometimes they are too cool to be near you. But I never knew that a little boy could really really love his mom, that after about the 50th time of telling him something he would get it and embrace it, and that he would just exude exuberance from every pore at just about every moment.

Until he slows down, finally at night, and falls asleep almost immediately, and looks just like the angel he is.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Here is your Tuesday music moment, of particular interest to my husband and a long-time friend and occasional visitor to Whilst. A Tribute To Joni Mitchell

Spring Break is here! It has yet to disappoint. Our dear friends arrived yesterday with their newish bundle of yurmy lurve and a fun four-year old playmate for my urchins. Tomorrow we'll head downtown with in-town friends to check out some opera and organic produce, and Friday we'll see the shark IMAX. We're nothing if not diverse people. As my neighbor says, I'm an inch deep and a mile wide.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Main hazard of a career in children's music: highly scuffed toes on all pairs of shoes from the kneeling.

My son dreamed that SpongeBob was sliced in half by a group of stingrays. Luckily, Gary's juice?? spared him and also turned the evil stingray good.

Is early childhood officially stopping here?

Other random musings include the ineptness of my hose when it comes to washing off the loads of pollen. Everything. is. yellow.

And finally, I just cannot keep those Starburst sour jelly beans in the house. They are eerily delicious. My favorite colors are green and blue. What about you?