Monday, April 02, 2007

Main hazard of a career in children's music: highly scuffed toes on all pairs of shoes from the kneeling.

My son dreamed that SpongeBob was sliced in half by a group of stingrays. Luckily, Gary's juice?? spared him and also turned the evil stingray good.

Is early childhood officially stopping here?

Other random musings include the ineptness of my hose when it comes to washing off the loads of pollen. Everything. is. yellow.

And finally, I just cannot keep those Starburst sour jelly beans in the house. They are eerily delicious. My favorite colors are green and blue. What about you?

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Eric said...

Lucky for you, the jelly beans stick in my teeth too much to be of use.

Phillip should keep a diary and submit some of these ideas to the SpongeBob writers. I'll bet they get most of their best ideas from dreams also.