Wednesday, February 23, 2005

More than likely, my maiden name's heritage is Irish. This research confirms my ancestory. Boy, am I having the hardest time. It has been two weeks since a drop of alcohol has entered my system. Well, I do gargle with Listerine, but still. The weekdays are the hardest. And I'm not sure if I suffer from a need not being met or a major longing/want. At any rate, I would love to sit back and sip a martini or linger over a glass of red wine. But I won't. Because I have something to prove to Jesus, or to AA, or to myself, but I do have something to prove and prove it I will.

I think I have about a month left.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

My favorite show on the telly has been accused of anti-Muslim portrayals. Truth be known, I've been a little uncomfortable watching of late, myself. Navi, the Muslim father and the terrorist operative (dead as of 2/21's episode) is a cold murderer and an inhumane father and a righteous and faithful man who is disgusted by a show of flesh and extramarital activity. Pretty harsh. The writers have always been careful - for the previous three seasons - to avoid stereotyping. Once before they had a Muslim subplot but that was eventually revealed to be only a small part of a corporate web. After last night, it seems probable that the Arabic terrorists in this season might also be part of a larger scheme.

Regardless, "24" is still really great this year. Much better than my other nine o'clock date. If only I had more time for the eight o'clock obsession....

Speaking of sterotyping and racism, my daughter has to do a report on a famous African-American for school. For the first time, I've heard her identify a person as "black". And "white". I guess it took 6 1/2 years, but it is still bittersweet to reveal the world in full color to her. The person she chose was a first grader who heroically integrated a school. Ruby Bridges is a fascinating and impressive subject, but sadly, we are having to edit my daughter's research a bit. I don't have a problem with her learning that schools were divided in our country at one point, but I'm not sure what benefit my little girl would glean from seeing protestors carrying black dolls in coffins.

Boy, it's amazing what you can learn in first grade.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Jeeeeeeeesus I ain't smart when it comes to these here compoooters. I try and I try to blog, but blog I cannot. And then I lose a thought. Or I'm asked to open another box of Sweethearts. Or I actually attempt to straighten or clean my house, something I have time to do but somehow never chose to do? So then, no blog entry. To my legions of devoted fans, my apologies.

I'm back as of tonight, and I have much to say and not much time to say it in. I have a very pressing commitment and then I should probably try and say a few words to the spouse, and there's the planning for the weekend that I need to do. If I don't plan the weekend, we get caught unawares and end up having to do horrifying, unpleasant things like eat bad food with boring people. (As it stands, we are going to be seeing an Oscar-nominated film this weekend, watching my baby girl play soccer, and going to church. I am also helping to watch my friend's children and there is the Y-Princess thing. I guess we are, as usual, booked solid. Oh for a free weekend without fear of boring people and bad food!)

Shit! I seem to have a blog entry without having said anything at all. But boy do I feel better now. Just having typed some of this and relaxed for a minute with you, my adoring public, has soothed my nerves. Well done, Whilst fans! Thank you ever so.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Why didn't I find this site earlier? Awful Plastic Surgery was out there all along. It is disheartening - for example, I really thought Gwen Stefani wouldn't go there. And some folks I just can't even glimpse....Janice Dickerson, that woman from Desperate Housewives, The King of Pop.

I find that I am inextricably drawn to shows like "The Swan" and "Extreme Makeover". I've never seen an entire episode but I've watched parts of these whilst my husband sits in the corner and screams "Make it go away! Stop! Avert your eyes!"