Saturday, February 25, 2006

Now THIS is rock and roll! Via Stereogum.

But while we're on that topic yet again, damn that Diet Coke....then again, I agree that it is nice he is still making cash.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Today's post brought to you by my son. His first report! And I must say, it is brevity itself: full of drama and angst, glory and victory.


"Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in 1809. He did not like people having slaves. He was a lawyer.* President Lincoln was elected twice. He went to a play and someone shot him in the head.**"

* There was no influence given by Daddy for this fact. None.

** We had a very hard time convincing our son that there should be other facts beyond this violent one.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Canadian or not, I really wish these people were real. And I'm starting to hold off on the Canadian-hatin'. I like some real Canadians, and I think Rachel McAdams is real pretty. (I prefer her with dark hair). (Like Madonna).

And I love cartoons and For Better or For Worse is the one with the nicest and most real people. I read tons of them, including Mutts, my daughter's latest obsession. I also read Foxtrot, Baby Blues, Jump Start, Zits, LuAnn, Boondocks, Rhymes with Orange, Sally Forth, Bizarro, and occasionally some other dribble. My day is not complete without them. I admit it, and there it is.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

It has been a weird day, full of pap smears and character smears and also love and sweets, but perhaps best described by saying that I heard a song by this completely unlikely band on the Muzak recording at the Bojangles, where I stopped to get my (un)sweet tea on.

That, in addition to the new Motorolla Razr phone ad is making me jaded.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Your Winter Olympics Moment: Last night, when watching the luge event, and thereby exposing my children to a sport that if they ever had a chance to actually do, would probably maime them, we heard a competitor announced as "The Speeding White Sausage". Mr. Georg Hackl, I decided, is probably known in his native land as something more like Der Speedin Bratwurst. But my meat-loving husband put me to right: he would be Der Speedin Knockwurst. Fine. I'll try to brush up on my German deli meats.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

I have another blog that you don't know about, one I keep with a friend and is full of all kinds of kinky secrets and funny things that you will never know of nor see, but we do have a meme going, and here are my answers. The meme originated with the blogging glitterati such as the DOOCE and the FUSSY and all them.


1. Printing business salesgirl. One Toyota Corolla ('76), tons of flowy skirts, around 75 downtown businesses, and 104 degrees. I brought in lots of business for that company - perhaps due to the flowy skirts and the sweaty glow?

2. Head Counselor. I was so happy to get that freaking job - I got to sleep in a cushy double bed (versus cot), got to talk with adults (versus 9 y.olds), and was able to call Future Husband in Raleigh whenever I wanted (versus writing letters...which in retrospect was kind of romantic anyway).

3. Phone Friend. Involved dressing as a sexless, orange, fuzzy beast and walking in parades in Wake Forest and Garner.

4. Temp employee for the wealthiest and happeninist real estate company in the Triangle. They offered me full time employment and I turned it down to work in the non-profit do-gooder sector. Which got me to job #3. Hmmm.


1. The Philadelphia Story. Hepburn. Grant. Stewart. Yar.

2. Babe. I love the talking animals, yessir.

3. Moonstruck. I feel personally responsible for Nick Cage's success. That is another post for another day.

4. A Room With a View. You knew I was a Merchant-Ivory girl, so don't act so surprised.


1. Here

2. There (Macon, GA)

3. College (Greenville, SC)

4. The Mountains


1. 24

2. Lost

3. The Colbert Report/The Daily Show

4. (south park)


1. Derbyshire, England (Mr. Darcy!)

2. Digby, Nova Scotia (famous for scallops?)

3. Tulum, Mexico (now we enter the vacationing with children category)

4. Disneyworld (repeat visit? I DON'T THINK SO.)


1. Salad

2. Fries

3. Cheesecake

4. Noodles


1. Trent

2. WRAL.COM Doppler Radar

3. NYTimes online

4. Bob Mould's online diary

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Senora Carranza, we hardly knew in peace.

Britney, God help you. The coverage has been thorough, but Stereogum's caption on the story was my favorite: "DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE". I am truly hopeful that there is a really, really good reason for this.

I myself have never even unbuckled my children from their car seats, though I have a. not buckled them in the first place, oops, and b. left them in the back seat instead of taking them to day care (that was really my husband) and c. nursed in a moving car. That last maneuver really only proves how endowed I am and also that I will do anything to keep the car rolling down the road.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Honey, make sure the managing partners aren't walking by before you see this early Valentine's treat.

My hubby read books to my daughter's class today, and will do this for my son's class later in the week. What a good Daddy. If only they knew his dark obsession with the star of "Match Point".

Monday, February 06, 2006

Today's post brought to you my daughter, who has written a report that I find fascinating if only for its persuasive tactics. It is about Emperor penguins.

"My penguin is called the Emperor Penguin. It's the largest penguin int he world! It weighs up to ninety pounds and grows up to four feet tall.

I think penguins are so cute and feathery. They always know exactly what to do. Emperor penguins eat a variety of fish and squid. Their main predators are the sea lion, and the killer whales. That's cool! Emperor penguins look like a king penguin but bigger.

Isn't that interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

For some readon Emperor penguins are the most popular penguin for kids. Emperor penguins keep their young under a bit of fat.

Emperor penguins live in Antartica OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!** If you've been wondering they communicate with songs of chirps."

* approximate number of exclamation points

** exact number of exclamation points

Thursday, February 02, 2006

As if you didn't know, today is the 100th day of school replete with thousands, nay, one hundred activities. Imagine my surprise today when I arrived at a kindergarten classroom to help out and found a sign that read "We Are Scientists!". Kindergarten is SO indie rock....

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

It's time for my annual "why the hell do I have to be so old, broke, and boring" rant....we'll get there someday.