Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Y'all know I'm, at the very least, a bit fascinated with Britney Spears. I loved when my sister-in-law got tickets to see her concert, and then got my daughter a t-shirt. I shielded my children from the worst of it (though they heard about it at school), and I basically forbade them from watching "Zoey 101" when Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant at age 16.

Yes. I decided they should not watch that show, based upon the actions of the star in her personal life.

So when Bristol Palin shows up pregnant, proud, touted, and supported on a national stage, what was I to do? I didn't let my children watch. I didn't even tell them about her or her condition. But I let myself get swept along in the tide of public opinion. I agreed that "that's life".

So it is with a heavy heart, in these dark times, that I tell you I actually applaud Lynne Spears. I admit, finally, that it took guts for that family to keep that baby. I admit that we have treated them badly, we who watch from afar. Sorry about that.

For more on the story, visit the venerable news source, "Pink is the New Blog". I swear, sometimes it takes a celebrity web site to make you realize your own double standard.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's time for my semi-annual, preachy blog post on do-goodery. In the midst of awards season, election fever, and the change in weather, I want to remember to get out there and make change happen.

My husband and son were actively involved in the Stop Hunger Now! packaging of meals held here in the Raleigh area last week. "Dash" got to run bags of meal back and he was happy. Our group packaged over 40,000 nutritious meals. Not shabby for a couple of hours of work.

My friends support the JDRF and their annual walk. What a good reason to stroll about in the Fall!

Banned Books Week is next week. Note your favorites on the splash page. Do what you can to learn about how to keep libraries free, open spaces for us all.

Regardless what you support or don't, you should vote. It feels, especially now as we enter troubled financial waters and tight races, that our one vote is insignificant. And it is. But we still get to do it, and that is something. Not everyone does. You can register with Barack or John, or you can rock. Editor's note: These sites are SUCH an improvement over having to find some out of the way library back in the day to go prove who you were and how old you were, etc.! This Internets thing is really wonderful!

There is a lot of talk, and will be in the next month, about faith-based organizations and the work they do to help the underpriveledged. I am an employee of a faith-based organization of sorts. I also have mixed feelings about such organizations. But I will not deny, and I will not have you malign, the important work they do for the least of these. At my place of work alone we are focusing on Stop Hunger Now, WIHN, Wee Care, Urban Ministries, ZOE, and a Red Cross blood drive. And that's just this week. Most folks I know are equally busy at their places of is really heartening, when you are low, to look around at the good work people do. I'm proud of you, friends - you know who you are!

That's enough preaching for one day. This all comes from me feeling so tiny and small, that the problems are so overreaching, and that the People StyleWatch didn't lift me up like I hoped it would. Sometimes I need to stop and remember that there are ways that I can bring hope and change, if only for a few, if only for a little while.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Don't tell my husband, but I just spent $80 on one undergarment. We won't call it a bra, we'll call it a brassiere.

When one has special needs, one seeks a specialist. So it was that I ventured to J. Alane's in the tony Lassiter shopping village. A girl who did not look unlike P!nk took me back, asked me outright my bra size, and then laughed as I measured two inches smaller in one area and two inches bigger in another. Who knew? She then pushed, pulled, and mauled me into the garment in question.

What does my eighty smackers get me? A French-made, long-lasting, uber-supportive brassiere that lifts the girls and smoothes, shapes, whatever else you can think of. Whilst other gals may spend their money on clothing consultants and wardrobe assistants, I went a bit deeper. I believe a solid foundation will serve me well.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I don't know whether or not to let my children see P!nk's new poignant, energetic video. I worry that my son would want to pee in bottles and offer it to people, and that they might start to understand heartbreak....

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

This could be terrifying or fun, depending on Guillermo's mood, I guess.

My (ancient, annoying, immortal) cat looks a lot like the Spaghetti Cat.

Also, I saw this on the treadmill today. Maybe Sarah Palin and Michelle could have a dance-off?

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Beanie!

My husband's birthday involved yet another tropical system. As far as those monsters go, this one was mild. We lost power for all of five minutes and got five inches of needed rain. He got to sleep in, read the paper in bed, and enjoy pancakes. And then he had to GO!

I don't know why my husband, who is inherently a bit lazy, needs to go/run/do on Saturdays. It drives me nuts, but go we did. We went downtown to the new convention center, the International Festival, and the various food/artist/bizarre vendors surrounding both. Hubby had Nepalese food. My daughter and I had some bizarre Chinese sweet buns, and my son went Bangladeshi.

Then, my son and husband went out for a birthday afternoon of canvassing voters. That's right. He spent his birthday going door-to-door, talking to undecided voters. You gotta love this guy...or at least admire him...or puzzle, along with me, about what makes him tick.

They got a few people who were interested in chatting, someone who shut the door in their faces (my baby!), and a man who felt compelled to speak to them for an HOUR (my baby!) about Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. Then they went and got Locopops.

Flush with political happy times, Hubby then watched his beloved Demon Deacons pull it out in the last minute! With that victory, he also enjoyed his new favorite beer - a Bud Light Lime. NOW are you puzzled about what makes him tick??

We ended the day with a special lasagna and a family viewing of "Stick It" and some special couple time. Was it a good birthday, Beanie? I hope so, 'cause you deserve it.

Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm tired of politics. So let's do some random musings.

At an exit on the beltline: a shiny black Honda convertible with the license tag "MBA JD". Good for you? Beside it, a shiny neon blue Nissan 350 Z or something with the tag "DROPOUT". Better for YOU!

The Tropical Storm called Hanna is now entering these parts. It feels like a snow day, except a lot more humid. I have chips, salsa, limes, and ground lamb for a special lasagna. Also, I have my trendy book. And HBO!

(My favorite thing about my job, by the way, is that my boss has a PhD in meterology. He has called four times today to report on INCOMING RAIN BANDS. I am out of my head with joy.)

The start of school is always so totally fraught. People upset about their teacher, their carpool situation, their child's behaviour. We've been dealing with tired monkeys who have bits of colds. And also the transition from summer to school, which sucks all around for everyone. Still, they are excited to go each day, and for that I am extremely grateful and proud. All this to say: I'm not going to complain because it's all pretty good.

Next weekend is a potential girls' beach weekend for me. I've not done this since 2002. And before that, I'm not sure that I ever did it. I'm nervous, as I sometimes drink too much and say things that offend or shock or whatever it is that I do. Also, I never sleep well away from home. But I'm also excited as this particular group of ladies has few who really get on my nerves, and the ones that do get on my nerves do so only occasionally. Really, I think I am the one who gets on nerves in this group. So barring a full-on attack from Hurricane Ike, I'll hopefully report back to you next week tanned, rested, and seriously hungover. Oh! And we're discussing the porn book. My husband said not to act any of it out, but if I did, make sure and film it.

Monday, September 01, 2008

From the Times:

"Asked if Ms. Palin would be able to juggle the demands of the vice presidency with her complicated family life, Mr.[Steve] Schmidt [McCain strategist] said, 'She’s been a very effective governor and again I can’t imagine that question being asked of a man.'"

OH REALLY? I beg to differ, Steve! John Edwards' main trouble, it always seemed to me, was that he continued to run for office though his wife had breast cancer. Granted, that guy dealt with his stress in a way less preferable than what you would want from a presidential hopeful, but still. Do not, Steve, play the gender card that way. I think we both know that when Governor Palin was picked as a VP candidate you she was not considered just for being an "effective governor".