Friday, September 05, 2008

I'm tired of politics. So let's do some random musings.

At an exit on the beltline: a shiny black Honda convertible with the license tag "MBA JD". Good for you? Beside it, a shiny neon blue Nissan 350 Z or something with the tag "DROPOUT". Better for YOU!

The Tropical Storm called Hanna is now entering these parts. It feels like a snow day, except a lot more humid. I have chips, salsa, limes, and ground lamb for a special lasagna. Also, I have my trendy book. And HBO!

(My favorite thing about my job, by the way, is that my boss has a PhD in meterology. He has called four times today to report on INCOMING RAIN BANDS. I am out of my head with joy.)

The start of school is always so totally fraught. People upset about their teacher, their carpool situation, their child's behaviour. We've been dealing with tired monkeys who have bits of colds. And also the transition from summer to school, which sucks all around for everyone. Still, they are excited to go each day, and for that I am extremely grateful and proud. All this to say: I'm not going to complain because it's all pretty good.

Next weekend is a potential girls' beach weekend for me. I've not done this since 2002. And before that, I'm not sure that I ever did it. I'm nervous, as I sometimes drink too much and say things that offend or shock or whatever it is that I do. Also, I never sleep well away from home. But I'm also excited as this particular group of ladies has few who really get on my nerves, and the ones that do get on my nerves do so only occasionally. Really, I think I am the one who gets on nerves in this group. So barring a full-on attack from Hurricane Ike, I'll hopefully report back to you next week tanned, rested, and seriously hungover. Oh! And we're discussing the porn book. My husband said not to act any of it out, but if I did, make sure and film it.


BAW said...

OMG - you're reading Twilight?!?

You'll have to tell me what you think about the creepy stalkerish/anti-feminist vibe that most of my friends got from the book.

Also, after you read it you might enjoy this - it's quite the hit on the Intarwebs with the ironically detached Twilight readership, which I think you'll fit nicely...

Lynn said...

Twilight was blah. I agree with BAW on the stalker vibe but also I just really wasn't that interested in these 15 - 17 year olds. I prefer those Hogwarts!
As for the beach weekend - it will be interesting and I promise not let drink too much and I promise NOT to take advantage of you. I'm just that kind of friend.

Kennedy said...
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Belle said...

I do think it is creepy - less stalkerish and more ballet-like/rescue fantasy/crippled girl thing. Making the heroine unable to walk without falling is....pretty transparent. My husband tells me it is an abstinence rant, which makes it more interesting by half.

I'm reading the second one, but find it much like Matthew Broderick's Godzilla film. While watching that summer drivel, I found myself screaming "WHERE'S THE LIZARD???" during most of it. In "Eclipse" or "Moon" or whatever book two is called, I keep screaming "WHERE'S THE VAMPIRE?" I mean, I'm not reading it to know about a high school nerdette who can't function without her boyfriend.