Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Birthday, Beanie!

My husband's birthday involved yet another tropical system. As far as those monsters go, this one was mild. We lost power for all of five minutes and got five inches of needed rain. He got to sleep in, read the paper in bed, and enjoy pancakes. And then he had to GO!

I don't know why my husband, who is inherently a bit lazy, needs to go/run/do on Saturdays. It drives me nuts, but go we did. We went downtown to the new convention center, the International Festival, and the various food/artist/bizarre vendors surrounding both. Hubby had Nepalese food. My daughter and I had some bizarre Chinese sweet buns, and my son went Bangladeshi.

Then, my son and husband went out for a birthday afternoon of canvassing voters. That's right. He spent his birthday going door-to-door, talking to undecided voters. You gotta love this guy...or at least admire him...or puzzle, along with me, about what makes him tick.

They got a few people who were interested in chatting, someone who shut the door in their faces (my baby!), and a man who felt compelled to speak to them for an HOUR (my baby!) about Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers. Then they went and got Locopops.

Flush with political happy times, Hubby then watched his beloved Demon Deacons pull it out in the last minute! With that victory, he also enjoyed his new favorite beer - a Bud Light Lime. NOW are you puzzled about what makes him tick??

We ended the day with a special lasagna and a family viewing of "Stick It" and some special couple time. Was it a good birthday, Beanie? I hope so, 'cause you deserve it.

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Lynn said...

Taking a child whilst canvasing is an old trick of the trade. Well done Birthday Boy!