Monday, September 01, 2008

From the Times:

"Asked if Ms. Palin would be able to juggle the demands of the vice presidency with her complicated family life, Mr.[Steve] Schmidt [McCain strategist] said, 'She’s been a very effective governor and again I can’t imagine that question being asked of a man.'"

OH REALLY? I beg to differ, Steve! John Edwards' main trouble, it always seemed to me, was that he continued to run for office though his wife had breast cancer. Granted, that guy dealt with his stress in a way less preferable than what you would want from a presidential hopeful, but still. Do not, Steve, play the gender card that way. I think we both know that when Governor Palin was picked as a VP candidate you she was not considered just for being an "effective governor".


Carrie K said...

Now that's a good point about Edwards/Palin.

I do cringe horribly every time I hear someone say that she should stay home with her children.

You know who I am quite impressed by during this? Barack Obama. Dare I hope that the election will be civil and not resort to mud slinging and name calling?

Anonymous said...

oy, this is a tough one, to be sure. I have to question the priorities of a woman who would run for VP w/ a 4 month old special needs child. I can't help but be judgmental about her decision.

Haley H

Lynn said...

How about those kids names - reminds me of your post about Gavin & Gwen (Aug. 22). Glasses will soon become the new style. Poor Tina Fye.