Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I've not known how to put down my thoughts on Hillary in this forum, knowing that many of you read it are Republicans, some are devotedly in love with Senator Obama, and some couldn't give a shit about any politics....but you should know that I am one of those people who really wanted to see her win.

I know she had crooked real estate dealings. I know her "marriage" is non-traditional. I know she is power hungry. I know she's a bitch. ("Yeah. She is...and so am I....") Yet, I was given a chance to vote for a smart, qualified, experienced (please don't flinch when I use that word....Obama is plenty experienced and everyone knows it) candidate who cares about the issues I do and who happens to be a woman. This may not happen again in my lifetime, nor my daughter's. But I can tell my daughter, regardless, about the time someone really did put those 18,000 cracks in the glass ceiling and really changed things for women in America. I'll tell her, too, that on a pre-menstrual, rainy night I watched Hillary's speech at 3:30 a.m. (you try sleeping when your hormones are causing your synapses to snap, crackle and pop) and I cried...even when I was bored by the stats and politicospeak...because we had a chance to see what a woman can do leading America and that chance, for now, is gone.

I am supporting Obama/Biden 100% and I plan to talk to my fellow Hillary supporters (especially those who will perhaps head McCain's way) about why. I believe Obama will work with Senator Clinton, Speaker Pelosi, and other ladies in leadership positions. And finally, I think Michelle Obama will be as powerful a first lady as we've seen....not since the likes of....Hillary.


Lynn said...

I think we will see a woman President. I believe our daughters will! I think Hillary did pave the way. I also think she'll have a super position in Obama's administration - AG perhaps which will only allow more ceilings to crash down. This could be a real change - the fact that is doesn't matter what's between your legs or the color of your skin. Change is a possibility.

Lynn said...

WOW, Sarah Palin as VP choice - never would have expected the Republicans to make history by have the opportunity to send a female to the White House. McCain's choice is perplexing. Still, the election remains historical as either way we make history with a woman or African American. Could that have been their plan of action?