Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I am typing from a stand-up station at the library. Our computer is down...AGAIN...but things are looking up. As in, we probably won't be buying a new computer til next year. Some guy sitting next to me at the genius bar (NOT the genius working on my machine) may have solved our problem. Thank you, Greybeard Genius Bar Guy, for suggesting more RAM. We'll let you know how it goes, should we ever run into you again.

More randomness - I promise to get organized soon! I got my hairs cut (as we like to say in our family). Only 5 people have noticed, and of those only 3 seem to like it. My husband loves it, but we all know what his ulterior motives are. My daughter reminded me that it only matters if I like it. And I do.

Top 5 Things I Love About My Baby Niece:

1. She likes me and smiles when she sees me!
2. She opens her mouth wide with amazement...lots.
3. She is completely irresistible when asleep and one wants to wake her and play with her.
4. She drinks and eats heartily and poops the same way.
5. When hiking, attached to an adult in a Baby Bjorn, she sings/talks non-stop.

My session is running out here in the library, and I must go give blood anyway. Have YOU given blood lately? Just asking.


Schleiferkin said...

Chiquita banana--I used to give blood each month until I became a BLOOD DONOR REJECT. Yes, you didn't think they rejected blood donors--especially O+ ones like me. But, yes. They said my blood pressure was too low and I couldn't fill the bags. Despite drinking 50 gallons of water every day. So--enjoy it while you can.

chandler67 said...

Belle-- I did notice your lovely cut yesterday, and meant to comment. It is very fetching! Kudos!

And I do give blood as well-- it's a great feeling.

Lynn said...

I was one of the 3!