Tuesday, September 09, 2008

This could be terrifying or fun, depending on Guillermo's mood, I guess.

My (ancient, annoying, immortal) cat looks a lot like the Spaghetti Cat.

Also, I saw this on the treadmill today. Maybe Sarah Palin and Michelle could have a dance-off?


Anonymous said...

I played Dori (as best I can remember) in my middle school (aka Junior High School) production of The Hobbit. Most of the production was very jr. highschoolish, with the notable exception of my friend, Brian T. Finney, who play a scary and menacing Gollum - still the definitive one, despite Serkis' many talents. You can find him in the iMBD page, because he went on to professional acting!

I can't wait for this version to come out - I have no doubt that Jackson will keep del Toro on the right path!


Anonymous said...

How old is that cat now? She was almost 14 when Julia was born, wasn't she?