Friday, April 27, 2007

I completely sold Amy Winehouse to my cousin-in-law, and he has since found some fun facts about our favorite drunken British chanteuse:

1. Amy Winehouse's 'Back to Black' reached No. 1 in the U.K.
2. Ghostface Killah guested on the U.S. version of 'You Know I'm No Good,' but the pair has never actually met.
3. She's been tapped to record the theme to an upcoming James Bond movie.
4. Is known for drunken onstage antics and told us, "I enjoy alcohol. I really enjoy alcohol."

P.S. Hey cuz! Hope you don't mind I put you up on the Internets.


zstin said...

yes, i mind terribly, you've totally outed me as a winehouse fan. i now have 37 songs of hers on my (new) video ipod. dont worry, i bought all available songs of hers on itunes. the one thing i can't find is her DL valerie rendition on mp3.... :(

Poppleton said...

Wow, that's quite a whirlwind relationship our young cousin has developed. I'm afraid she's a bit cooler than my law school crush of Natalie Merchant (though, to be fair to me, this crush was developed after release of In My Tribe, which I think holds up pretty well).

zstin said...

yeah, well, i just got off my 3 day crushing of professor fran ortiz's lectures on property. i now know how to incorrectly pronounce inter vivos and irrevocable. back to winehouse, i guess.