Thursday, April 26, 2007

The DL -- Music. Pop. Indie Rock. Comedy. A Web Show From AOL Music: MORE Amy Winehouse.

(I have not watched all of it, I won't lie, but I want to. Does that count?)

More music news:

Last night we were the lucky guests of our dear friend and the Reigning Patroness of the Arts in our burgh at a jazz show featuring Nicole Henry. (Be sure and find a photo that highlights her killer biceps) So much culture and such fun drinking it in these days! Nicole hushed the house with an impromptu bass/vocal version of "Misty", and she did some fine readings of standards and show tunes. We had a great time chatting during the show, which may be the best way to see a show? I get shhleeepy shometimesh when I sit in concert venues; last night I was hyped up and a bit tipsy and engaged in various discussions about asses, indie rock, and local honey.

Tonight my family had our last little dinner together til Sunday, and I'm acting out a bit. I don't throw tantrums, but I fuss and fret and whine when I know we are all about to be separated. I'm trying to get used to it, because I know it will be the norm soon enough.

I will stop here due to the extreme rambling that seems to be occurring. Happy Weekend!

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zstin said...

essential winehouse:

dont miss valerie (zutons cover). also hunt for addicted, which didn't make it into the US version of back to black, and ghostface killa's from more fish.