Friday, May 04, 2007

Have ya missed me?

I've been having a lot of fun.

I'm so transparent -- my friends can tell this week has been magical for me. Those that don't know me have worried. "Are you stressed? Are you ok?" My closest peeps smile and nod knowingly at my hyped-up energy level, intense rambling, and buzzed demeanor.

The "tired old church play" I referred to earlier on this site finally took off, and I enjoyed the hard work, the creativity, the artistic people, and not least of all working with my daughter.

The job fell into my lap, literally. That has happened to me countless times (I actually interviewed for only one job I've ever held - the others were handed to me). And many of those jobs didn't work out so well. This job has not been easy on my family (though: the cash, we love it). But there is no denying that this Spring has been a valuable one for me in many ways.

In the meantime I've neglected the artists and musicians who usually keep me afloat. But it has been nice, for a while, to be one myself.


Jimmy Rogers said...

Now this is hilarious.

Earlier this very day, I did a cursory glance at your archives, as I was going to call you on your "tired old play" comment, and couldn't find it (I wasn't looking too hard).

It has been a lot of fun, and I'm glad we've gotten closer over the past four months!


Belle said...

So fun. I can't decide if I'm depressed or relieved to get a break!

I know that both of our spouses are glad it's over!!

Church Lady Chronic-ails said...

Seeing you sparkle is very magical in itself

Poppleton said...

I have missed you a little, but now I will miss the interesting midnight conversations we had when you came bounding back from rehearsals. And the show was grand. And I'm proud of you.