Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Here is something interesting to read about Garrison Keilor's essay on gay America, written by the woman who writes "Finslippy", a blog I sometimes check out:Alice's essay at AlphaMom

There are other interesting things. There was my birthday which was a day of incomparable delights - a song written (and recorded! on GarageBand!) in my honor, breakfast in bed, coffee with some right-on females, lunch with my delicious husband (and "dessert" with him later), great gifts, and many good wishes.

There was a mediocre episode of "24" last night. But that doesn't warrant a comment.

There was the celebration of my dad's birthday in Georgia this weekend. Going to Georgia is such a vast, intense mixture of emotions for me that I can hardly talk about it much less write. But suffice to say, my husband had to talk with me A LOT last night before having his dessert because I had to just empty out my brain and heart.

The shiny, lovely side of the Georgia coin is being with my family and having fun times with my daddy. I feel incredibly lucky to have had him for so long and I pray daily to have him just a little bit longer if not much much longer. Many friends have lost parents this very month, so I'm mindful of the gift I have.

Damn is that depressing. Ok! So please do remember to celebrate spring tonight at 8:07... I plan to celebrate by watching deleted scenes on my new "Borat" dvd and perhaps grilling an organic chicken breast after soccer practice. Happy vernal equinox!!!!

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cara said...

We finally got Borat on Netflix and I had to turn it off after he brought his poop to the table. I couldn't take it. I appreciate Sasha Baron Cohen and recognize his talent, but I was literally curled in a ball in the corner of the room with my head hidden in my shirt as I watched. I think JuJu would agree with me as she did basically the same thing when we watched School of Rock together. I