Tuesday, May 18, 2010


For some reason, my husband and I latched onto ADF as young marrieds in the Triangle. Then a dear, dear friend came and interned there one summer (read: free tickets) and we were hooked. Not that we haven't seen crap at ADF - it's modern dance after all! The very Summer of the Internship was, however, when we first saw Mark Dendy and he became our favorite. I vaguely remember also getting free tickets from our DJ neighbor and first seeing the fully nude solo piece, "Bardo", front row center. VAGUELY.


Mark Dendy is a native North Carolinian and recently did a site-specific work for the opening of the spectabulous North Carolina Museum of Art's new wing. He's done some notable stage choreography and been a generally good representative egg for our state.

I think Afternoon of the Fawn is my favorite piece of his. Until he returns this summer. Holla!

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