Monday, May 17, 2010

The End of Things

Along with May's craziness comes the endings. I thought this year was going to be easy, since no one was graduating or going off to Kindergarten. But no, OTHER STUFF ENDS TOO! We saw our daughter play her last soccer game with a team that has been mostly pretty great for her. She remarked that she might never see some of her teammates again, and that's true! How to ease her through that transition? Well, you know me! I responded with, "Honey, you're right. You probably won't see them again. Or maybe you'll run into them in the airport, as I do with my old lovers." Or something like that.

And our son has decided not to play football in the fall. This is ultimately the best, safest thing. But his coach loved him and we were all "Friday Night Lights" about it and now what to do with Mr. Wiggly Pants?

Two of our elementary teachers and one preschool teacher are retiring. And a friend is moving away - not far, but away.

Stuff ends and stuff begins and the many, varied phases of life continue to bewilder me. I read somewhere recently (ok, it was in Real Simple. What? When your kids have orthodontia you'll read it in the waiting room, too!) that the best way to deal with a furious pace in life is to not "look at the tray". Waiters use this trick to keep their heavy-laden trays balanced - they don't look at it. We in modern America, raising families and media socializing and corporate climbing must not look at the tray. Just take it order by order, drink by plate, hour by hour. And now, a deep, collective, cleansing breath. Namaste.

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