Friday, May 21, 2010


I feel like I did when the 7th Harry Potter book was out and I was only a few chapters to the end. I wanted it over with, and couldn't push myself to finish it. LOST is ending - AS YOU KNOW (good heavens! The media are on overdrive!).

And yet....the media attention is warranted. What was great about Lost for me was more than stuff you might think - including the fact that I have a personal connection with the cast (one that I'm surely proud of but don't need to crow about on the Internet). What's great about Lost is the emotion of it. There were nights when I got all the heft and weight and feeling of a novel - from one scene! There were episodes that caused me to leave the tv room sobbing, and nights when I left laughing. Sometimes huge connections between characters didn't really absorb me at all, and then the tiniest moments would make me leap from my chair.

What may also be big for me about this show ending is how the past six years have been those of my children's childhood. The childhood they are basically leaving at this point. They hated Lost, because it meant shortened reading time, or no glass of water brought to the bed, or that they would have to sneak downstairs to get our attention. They loved Lost for one big reason, and we've let them see some of it because of that...and someday, we plan to watch all six seasons as a family (that day is NOT at hand, and I'm looking at you, John Locke!).

And now, we have a real-life smoke monster heading toward the Gulf, and we have Jacob versus The Brother in the world and within our government's and school board's halls, and as for the island? I really, really want to go back. I have to go back.


Anonymous said...
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Lynn said...

We gotta go back!
We gotta go back!