Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am NOT, btw, one of the haters of the Lost finale. Au contraire, mon frere....I found it satisfying, delicious, and deep. I was excited and happy about the action sequences (though not blown away - and maybe a good thing as the show can be more than a little violent), thrilled and moved by the many reunions (Sawliet!), and satisfied with the ending. Indeed, I felt as though the ending was a lot like my own life-view and spirituality. Call me wishy-washy, but I think there is room for many interpretations of the higher power and souls. Room also on our planet many religions, and for the questioning of your own chosen doctrine. Lost seemed to ensure us that such questioning is ok, but that ultimately we are all in this together and have to find a way to get together. Only connect, like E.M. Forster said, or realize your purpose on earth is to help your fellow man, a la George Eliot. Maybe I'll get my husband to explain how Blake and C.S. Lewis fit into the finale.

Ultimately, I feel better now, not only about the show ending but about a lot of things...the ending was cathartic and comforting all at once.

And people, I am talking about a TELEVISION SHOW!

So in order to convince you that I am not insane and that I have a sense of humor, I present:

The Shirtless Men of Lost:


韋于倫成 said...

臨淵羨魚,不如退而結網。 ..................................................

Lynn said...

HA! good times. Even Micheal got a shot.