Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hello June!

June has brought with it a hell of a lot of rain...and thus, many events canceled or postponed, and we haven't gotten to the pool much (oh BOO HOO...Wahhhh!). June has brought a new family member to love - a tiny, sweet precious infant. I shall not rest until I get my hands on said infant...we visit in a few weeks. June means that I made it through Memorial Day weekend in a house full of family with no where to go. June is my daughter's birthday month, the end of school, and camp week when my husband and I get three nights alone.

Much to celebrate!

(Don't worry, I'm still crabby. For instance, our lack of planning means we still don't have a family vacation on the books and now we are in a holding pattern due to soccer. Sports parent purgatory!)

But in the spirit of celebration, I'd like to make June a month of blogging happy times. I'm going to find something pleasant to share with you many times in June (notice I am not committing to every day. No, that would require planning!). June is still a work month for me (July is MUCH slower) so why not do a bit of blogging whilst planning an organ mini-recital?

For today's share moment, I bring you Bill Cunningham's On the Street video feature from the Times online. I am not a particularly spiffy dresser, but I do like to try, and I certainly love white clothes, especially shirts. Bill focuses on white and white's relatives in his video. I can't embed, but do click here and enjoy his feature entitled "Bleached".

Also, some pretty white clothes & accessories I've seen about recently:

Holly Aiken iPad Sleeve

Bobble Pearl and flower necklace at Charlotte Russe (via

Lands' End Hibiscus Batik slimming one-piece (the real title of this suit was really long and hard to remember).

International Concepts at Macy's ruffled, sleeveless, smocked-waist top.

Clarks Salon Joy flip flop (these might hurt your feet, though I do love Clarks' soles - cushy!)


Anonymous said...

April showers bring May flowers. ....................................................

Anonymous said...

As I recall you did have somewhere to escape the fam on Memorial?:)
Your new layout looks good. Hope to talk soon. I guess we're down to just commenting on each other's blogs - sad commentary on 2010!