Thursday, February 22, 2007

What did I give up for Lent last year? I know it was alcohol the year prior. I can't remember at all.

This year it will be celebrity gossip. I cannot imagine how boring I am about to become.

The fact that Lent is the only Christian season I really buy into says something very deranged about me, I think. Perhaps I need an indulgence of some sort.

Actually, today I bought some shoes. On sale, but shoes I did buy.


Lynn said...

The red ones? Those are pretty.
Shoes are always a good cheer up.
The kids must be back and healthy.
Good luck with that Lent promise.
It will NOT be easy. You can't read Trent. I'll try to be supportive (as much as I was when you gave up booze). I'm goign with the standard - no fast food.

Belle said...

Oh, the black. Boring, but needed.

No Trent so far, but I will admit to glancing up at Good Morning America today during a segment on Britney's new rehab jaunt.

Does Panera count as fast food? If so, I would be as good as dead in three days.

cem said...

wish I could tell you more about NYC, but alas you've given up celebrity gossip...oh, well...suffice it to say, the a very beautiful red-headed movie star (with the initials JM) currently starring in a David Hare play showed up with fellow cast mates at a undisclosed location.....