Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I shouldn't even post because I am in such a snit over such snitty things right now. Too annoyed by big cars, bigger houses, materialistic, boring people, and sucky music. (Luckily, I am listening a lot to non-sucky music, and am eager for the new Arcade Fire release, so all is not lost on that front.) Yesterday, for instance, after running all over creation to take my children to their (very limited and well-chosen) activities (which all seem to happen on a Tuesday...why is that? Other days we have nothing going on at all!), I sat down and had a brief breather. I was looking forward to one-on-one time with my daughter at dinner, because my husband and son were going to watch the Stanley Cup champions lose again.

Then, as soccer practice ended, I am given the task of waiting with the girl whose mom hasn't shown up yet. Why? Because I AM THE ONLY PARENT WHO GOT OUT OF HER CAR. So I wait, and then the poor girl attempts to make conversation, and reveals that she is the youngest of four, but not for long, because her MOM IS PREGNANT. At this point in the story I'm starting now to see what is about to happen to me. The girl borrows my cell phone, calls her mom, who asks to speak to me. The mom left a message for the coach that he must not have gotten (BECAUSE HE WAS AT SOCCER PRACTICE MAYBE??). And she has to run a carpool down to the basketball gym (where I had just been).

I wait for option 2 to come. It doesn't.

I offer to take the girl home. I don't know her mom, don't even know her last name. I get directions and drive to her house.

Which is huge. And I find out the dad is a doctor. And there is a lovely, brand-new shiny car in the driveway.

And I wonder: how is it going to go when you have another baby? Also, why not hire a nanny or babysitter to help you, as you can clearly afford to do? Because lady, you put me in a foul mood, messed up my evening, and caused my daughter to ask questions about why OUR car is so old, our house so small, etc.

I'm just about over all the excess that I see around me every day, but I know there is no avoiding it. I must change my reaction to it. I'll do that, but for now let me stew a bit in my own bitterness.

This shit happens every day for all of us, I know. But I myself have learned yeah, it takes a village, but to take care of your own is a brilliant thing.

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