Friday, February 09, 2007

It's not that I want to watch more tv, its that I can't seem to hold my own in conversations with my friends and family if I don't. So my husband and I took an evening to do something a bit unusual, in this house anyway, and we sat on our asses for about three hours tuned into the networks.

We watched:

"Ugly Betty": Ok, I get it. Clever, and I love America Ferrera, and I do think Vanessa L. Williams is really pretty, really! But I can't commit - the show is an hour and whilst it was more engaging to me than "Weeds", say, I just don't know how aghast I would be after a time. I like to be aghast.

"The Office": This is brilliant, and I want to watch, and probably will in complete seasons via Netflix or my new video iPod (someday?). I like all the actors, I think it is cute and clever and a bit painful - all I really need in a sitcom.

"Scrubs": No one ever talks about this show, but I know you watch it all you Garden State groupies. Witty repartee and topical subjects...I think it is a good show and thus worthy of the uh, lack of hype.

"30 Rock": Tina Fey is adorable but I thought Alec Baldwin was writing it in and the witty repartee reminded me of "Scrubs".

"South Park": It's time I came out of my closet (like Tom Cruise and John Travolta did in a recent episode) and admit that we love this show. It is grimy and yicky and I often must shower after to wash away the filth, but watching it made the three hours seem less like ten that night.

"The Sarah Silverman Program": We've seen two episodes now, and whilst I don't think it is the answer to all that is wrong with television like the New Yorker does, I don't hate it either (as the Gawker and Stereogum kids do). I like the gay couple a lot, and I see where she's trying to go, and I do think she's pretty hittable in addition to being an acerbic comedienne who likes to use words like "queef" and shoot birds a lot.

We also rented "The L Word" from Netflix, having not been wowed by "Weeds". (The show is ok, we just think all the people are evil, and we also think Mary Louise Parker is good but maybe a one-trick pony in the show? Ah...I'm going to get some flack for all this) I thought "The L Word" know, lift my husband's spirits some. His main comment however, was: "Talk, talk, talk". I took that to mean "too much talk, not enough girl-on-girl action". Eh - I didn't care. Jenny Beals is HOT!!

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Lynn said...

were is Campus Ladies?

I saw the Office and 30 Rock last night - enjoyable.
I aslo DVRed Ugly Betty - some parts were fine but not sure I cna commit to the 1 hour and 8 o'clock time slot