Saturday, October 24, 2009

She Wolf Appraisal

My son in particular loves this song:

My husband in particular loves Shakira. For obvious reasons (her ass).

I love the video for her amazing isolation skillz, and I love the song for its excellent potential to be on this year's version of our "Spooky Toones Halloween Mix" cd.


(not BUTT).

But she is IN A CAGE. And her "wooooo" wolf howl is weak and kittenish. Shakira! You have a lasting relationship with a powerful, important man! You danced with Beyonce and held your own! You continue to put out hits and have been at it for a while! YOU USED THE WORD LYCANTHROPY IN A SINGLE. So don't demean all these accomplishments by dancing in a cage and humping.

I won't be showing the children this video. There's a feminist in the closet...let her out so she can breathe.


Nancy R said...

I had to stop the video after about ten seconds because I found it so repulsive. Am I the only one who thinks the pink tunnel she gyrates through is kind of, well, vaginal? It's like she's a unitard-wearing, undulating sperm.

Belle said...

Ah, Nansch. The only part I edited from this post was where I said, "humping in a faux vagina/birth canal." It was even too gross to write. Your imagery about the unitard sperm, however, makes it much easier to process. HA!

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