Monday, October 05, 2009

Brand Loyal: Detergent

I have a rash. It is very bad. It will not go away. And it might mean the end of my brand loyalty with The Finest Laundry Detergent, Gain.

Just finished a round of antibiotics - nada. Applying steroid cream daily - no effect. Thinking about giving up Gain - can't do it.

It smells right. No, I don't buy the "Island Tropical Breeze" scent, just the basic happy laundry goodness. Our old house is kind of stinky, but the laundry smells good. And when you are doing as much laundry (football) as I (soccer) do (hand-me-downs out the butt), you want to have some kind of heightened sensual experience.

Also? Powder, not liquid.

I can tell that this is a moment in time that I may always remember...I know I must switch to some eco-freako hypo-allergenic unscented brand.



Anonymous said...

Gain ruined my life - dried my skin out/gave me a rash so bad that I was on steroids for a month. My skin literally sloughed right off of my body. It was awful.

Once I got those symptoms under control I've managed to avoid a repeat by using only Cetaphil lotion and Dreft detergent.


Nancy Remler said...

I've had a rash for the past seven years. I use Gain off and on, when I feel like spending the extra bucks. I don't know if Gain is the culprit of my rash, but now I'm curious.

My dermatologist has diagnosed my rash as eczema. I too use steroid cream. However, I recently mentioned my eczema to my acupuncturist. She stuck a needle in the reddest spot, and doggonit if that rash isn't fading!

If you love Gain but want rash relief, consider acupuncture. Can't hurt. Might help.

Anonymous said...

Seventh Generation products all on sale now at the Teeter. They have some lovely scents, but the unscented are best for avoiding allergic reactions. Very curious with the other comments posted and Gain use???
CEM, as per our discussion over coffee

Belle said...

Um, I officially gave up Gain today! Whoa!

Lynn said...

but please, never give up the hand me downs out the butt