Monday, October 26, 2009


Because I'm trapped in the house with a sick child, and I already cleaned for 10 minutes and made dinner, I surfed around the Facebook and laughed at how I had something like 75 invitations to various causes and fan groups, etc. I joined 1/3 of those, and then did some Twittering, because guess what, I got chosen to test a new Twitter tool and I am feeling very Twitter-snobby about it. Then, natch, I went on YouTube. And I found something that I had no idea the rest of the world treasured, besides my husband and me. It was a great Internet day.

There was once a television show called "Just Shoot Me" - it wasn't even very good, and I don't know why we used to watch it! In one episode, they had a bizarre story line involving a special needs friend or relative of the star (who, now that I think of it, was in "Sex, Lies and Videotape", a movie I really loved, and now I know why I watched "Just Shoot Me".) and the story was maybe somewhat humorous? However, the guest actor, David Cross, was very humorous. And he uttered a line that, to this day, is uttered in my home maybe twice a week MINIMUM. And apparently in homes across this great world of ours:

I had the pitch wrong. I am still glad to see this again. The children won't believe it.


Lynn said...

I have to say, there is no one like you! I adore.

Nancy R said...

I thought I was the only person who loved that episode! Every time I make chicken pot pie, my kids and I sing, "Chicken pot, chicken pot, chicken pot pie!" In fact, when I make shepherd's pie, we sing the same song (with modified lyrics, of course). Thanks so much for sharing the link!

Anonymous said...

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