Monday, October 19, 2009

Oh hai! Where have I been? Oh, just around here, tending to various life events. Daughter's in a cast, son is upset about it and getting stressed from the pressure of his football position and the boredom that is 4th grade after a wonderful 3rd grade year, and husband and I are too tired to hang out.

Plus, our little date nights* are officially over now that daughter can't play soccer.

*We had little date nights - literally an hour - for a few weekends there. One drink, one app. It was blissful, reasonably priced, and really maintained the marriage. Daughter went with us on the last one and it was....not the same. I mean, she's interesting company, but...

On the good times front, we had a visit from our baby niecelet this weekend and enjoyed her very unique view of the world. That kid is something else - funny, smart, and her own girl. PLUS THE CHEEKS.

As Wife of the Year, I dropped my husband and son off at the Alma Mater's homecoming football game en route to the ER when daughter's arm needed attention.

BAW birthed a baby!!! On a dime!!!

And this weather, oh, this weather. A cloudy, windy day yesterday...cold, and with tinges of color and with a scent of sap and smoke.

Fall, you challenge me, but I am not blind to your charms.

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Schleiferkin said...

Fall is the best season of the year, bar none.