Thursday, March 05, 2009

The sick child thing is hopefully over, and boy did it get old fast. Trapped. Bored. Emotionally drained. These things come to mind.

Lost has been on a roll and how. I teared up during last night's epi. How can you not when Mssr. Le Fleur is aching?

Also, that statue looked on, let me check the Internets...

Ah, the Egyptian god Anubis, said to be protector of the dead, and able to revive them to life. OH REALLY?

In other cultural news, the new U2 is fun thus far...but I need to give it a good listen. It sounds like synthed-up "Boy" at times.

The soccer tourney was canceled due to lingering snow in Richmond. And no, we did not get a hotel refund. Note to self, and you people: Read the fine print. Dammit! Oh well, an early birthday present - a hotel room for a night without us in it!

I'm reading "The Senator's Wife" and find that I am bored silly. Yet, I can't stop reading it. This is a good thing, right? A mental break? An escape from worry? A blink during the economic and educational staredown that is my day-to-day life? "Two Lives: Gertrude and Alice" was a challenge (though written so well that the bizarre subject was clearly drawn and the mysteries about her clearly examined), but completely gripping. I identified strongly with Gertrude Stein...and not just because she was a lesbian Jew in France during World War 2.

Seriously, I might have to wade through her crazy prose because she was compelling as hell. Her books yes her books and even the poems and why not the poems I think yes the poems and the books, the books of war and lives and Alice B. Toklas. Then again, maybe I'll just read more Janet Malcolm.

And I can not let today pass without mentioning that in San Francisco, judges are debating Prop 8. Having seen "Milk" last week, I feel more galvanized than people deserve the same benefits, protections, and community support in their relationships that straight people do. I have tried and tried to understand arguments against gay marriage, and I just do not get them. Not sure how much harder I will try, when I see friends who are being completely maligned for being in love. In this season of Lent, I feel like some couples are enduring their 40 days in the wilderness...may they find the strength and bravery to come out of it unscathed.


Lynn said...

LOST was so good. I think all other network shows suck in comparison.
I want to read Nine.

Belle said...

Do you mean "The Nine" about the Supreme Court?