Friday, March 06, 2009

Daily U2 Report

I love the opening hymn, uh, song: "No Line on the Horizon". I think, but am not sure, that some reviewer I read said that the song was about the muse. But I was reading on the treadmill at a 10.5 incline so who the hell knows.

I love "Breathe" and "Stand Up Comedy" thus far. The slower-tempo songs haven't grabbed me yet.

Note to contemporary Christian musicians: You can use cryptic, poetic language, and guitar work that isn't strummy strummy, and your voice in a less pained manner, and still get across a message of love and hope.

But I probably still won't listen to you.


Mike said...

you want to just think you don't

Belle said...

I've tried. And tried. And tried, since I was 12 years old. If someone as knowledgeable about music as I am can't appreciate contemporary Christian music at this point, I think life's brevity dictates that I'm going to commit to what is actually moving and inspiring to me. I can find God/spirituality/peace in many kinds of doesn't have to be trumpeting it's righteous message at me at full throttle. Subtlety works nicely, too.