Thursday, March 19, 2009

If I Were at SXSW...

I would have gone to see The Thermals. Nice review.

Also, a friend of mine is in a movie that just won a couple of lovely awards there! So I would have gone to see that. "That Evening Sun" was filmed in the Blue Ridge Mountains, FYI.

But I'm not in Austin, I'm here in bustling Raleigh, which shows record growth and steady housing prices and new restaurants. For my birthday, we went to Jibarra...very nice, very spicy. My husband had made a chevre, tomato and leek crepe for we weren't terribly hungry. Just tried some small plates. Tonight includes mystery plans made by my boss, and including my husband...and surely involving Duke basketball, another hallmark of Raleigh (and of course Durham). The Dance is usually part of my birthday celebration, and fine by me.

Here's to 41!

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Carolina Christine said...

Happy Birthday! How can we see this movie? It sounds delightful. Why can't Raleigh be more like Austin? I guess we need a river...and hills...and a music culture. Sigh!