Friday, March 13, 2009

Heavy Scent of Hyacinth, and Cherry Blossoms in Bloom

This will be the 20th romantic March 13th I've spent with my husband.

He reminded me of this last week.

Him: Hey, it's our dating anniversary!

Me: Hmmmm.

Him: What?

Me: It wasn't technically a date. More like a hook-up.

Him: Twenty years does not a hook-up make.

It was a beautiful spring day, the woman who wanted to date my husband was conveniently out of town, we borrowed his mom's Miata, and I bought new sunglasses. I also took off work. Leaving the office, my co-workers said, "You're going on a date." No, no I said. Not a date, just hanging out with my friend. We drove around, had dinner, saw a movie ("Enemies, a Love Story"), drank some wine. My cat (yes, Wissy...even then) overturned a bowl of fruit on my dining room table at my turn-of-the-century apartment.

Twenty-four hours later we were a couple.


Anonymous said...

24-hours later you were a couple? That must have been a helluva date. Kudos to both of you (and Wissy...the creator of love carma).

Lynn said...

I can't read this post due to the U2 praise box covering up half of your words.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful rememberance! And how strange that one of the stars of that movie just died (Ron Silver). That was a GREAT movie that is definitely worth a second look. Cheers!


Schleiferkin said...

I didn't realize you got together in 1989! I thought you two were just newly together when I met you in then it was years 3 through 7 :) You were so much in love, I just assumed you'd just met. Kooky!