Friday, December 19, 2008

No groceries are bought,
the shopping's not done
but none of that matters,
'cause I'm having fun!
I'd rather not do all
the things on my list...
I'm more of a party-type -
you get my gist?
I'd rather go visit
with friends (and some not)
than cook dainty pastries
or wrap toys for my tots.
I'd rather surf the net
for ideas and news
than to polish the silver
or buy some more booze.
So procrastinate?
Yes! I'll sit here all day
while Santa bemoans
how I've not filled his sleigh.
Then last-minute-like,
I'll dash out in the night
and accomplish so much
in a schedule so tight!
And Christmas will happen
tho I worry a bit,
that the house isn't clean and
the cat may have shit...
I'll treasure it all...
as I do every year.
I may seem stressed,
but I know what is dear.

(Written in under 3 minutes)


Lynn said...

U Rock!

Carolina Christine said...

If you wait until the last minute to do the thing, it only takes a minute to do it....