Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Three Days After Christmas! My tree smells great, I had champizzle for brunch, I worked just an hour or two since Thursday, and my children are still sweet and grateful for the Christmas bounty. Truly, I ask you, what's to enjoy about the pre-season? Give me the days after for true relaxation.

I watched the Bejing Opening Ceremonies last night, in between naps, with a mixture of disbelief and horror. Why didn't you people tell me it was so frightful? YIKES is all I can say to 2,000 drummers in line and in unison, and I'm something of a percussionist myself.

The children received a Wii, against my best wishes, but so far so good. Friends have counseled me that it is all good. We don't really play computer games, and my urchins have thus far appreciated the new bikes and bouncy playground balls to the Wii...and their favorite Wii game is tennis which does actually involve movement. I had been debating getting them a hand-held game for the car so I guess this is ok. Feel free to berate me and tell me "I told you so" since I was all "no video games". I can take it. After Friday's breakdown (and subsequent back rub, sympathy, and other attentions from my husband) I'm strong!

We saw the Carolina Ballet's Nutcracker yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. It really is a quality production, and very charming. My daughter's best bud was a truffle. I also like the intermission coffee.

We also attended a Boxing Day soiree that was 2 intense hours of social fascination. I guess I knew almost all the attendees, and everyone was feeling peckish after a few days with family, and there was an open bar -- and well, you can figure out the rest. Good times, good times. My husband left floating on air - he was compared to George, Jon, and Errol????? I kissed at least one guest on the mouth and teared up about the Christmas spirit and my family. Ah, vodka.

So the holidays continue with some fun for my children (sleepovers? What are people thinking?) and I may actually try the Wii. If I can get my butt off the couch.

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