Friday, December 12, 2008

The 21? 22? year-old feline is yowling in the night and pooping on the floor and seems to be the worst type of geriatric patient. I can tell few people about this and expect sympathy, as we live in the age of major, expensive care for pets. Gone are the days of the outdoor cat, like mine, who was born on the streets and rescued? by me to live a nomad's life. (By my count she has moved with me 6 times...and only been lost once, when the neighbor's dog chased her to another street. Where she found a loving woman who gave her four cans of wet food a day and would have kept her had we not been idiotic enough to post a "Lost Cat" sign. )

So...I'm taking her to a new vet, but that takes time...I have to get her old records, find a vet that doesn't charge $250 for a senior cat panel, find a spare hour in this, the church's busy season, and wait for the month's paycheck to get deposited. In the meantime, I bought some Feliway spray. This seems to work a bit when applied to her sleeping areas and where she poops. But it is the Calm Kitty elixer of happiness, added to her water bowl (or milk if I'm feeling guilty) that she loves.

I couldn't find a link to this magical product, but it's out there. And people, I myself may have to try some (remember - I will try anything) . It has mystical aloe essence, and oil of orchid, and hibiscus parfums.....

....and 13% alcohol. For the same price, my husband noted, we could just give her a jigger of Bailey's every night. Cheers!

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Anonymous said...


You're giving her kitty booze! Oh, God, that's hilarious.

I wish I'd had some of that in a doggie version when Gertie was still alive - would've made thunderstorms much easier to handle...