Tuesday, December 09, 2008


When going through the Christmas stuff, I found a tin that had been put away last year with cookies in it. I took a bite. Wouldn't you have? It was gingery and somewhat moist, but did have a staleness.

We also had last year's egg nog from the famous Egg Nog Party that my parents go to annually. The "egg nog" consists of a lot of grain alcohol (a substance that I have only ingested in my home town - why is that?) and some nutmeg. Also something creamy (Bailey's?). This stuff keeps for a year, but a little goes a long way, especially undiluted. My husband and I enjoyed some in cordial glasses whilst decorating the tree. I had dreams of intense swimming in currents, losing my job without knowing why, and outrunning a murderer with a gun in a retail store. My back is now out and apparently at one point I woke up screaming. No more year-old "egg nog" for me!

The children made the popular pretzel/rolo/M&M treat this weekend. Comments: 1. Not good for those whose gums have been sewn together like a quilt, and 2. leftover m&ms are dangerous indeed.

If you make the Joy of Cooking's french toast, I recommend that you add cinnamon or nutmeg to the batter. And I always go for the maple syrup over sugar in the eggs. I do use skim milk instead of cream, but I have occasionally used Silk or Egg Nog.

I had the world's crappiest Indian food last week. I truly thought, that like pizza, there was not going to be any bad Indian food. I was wrong. Don't go here. I have heard about a fantastic Indian place in Cary - details when I get them - and of course the high end Indian at Azitra is tasty if not pricey.

Finally, in the midst of all this eating, I am trying to start jogging. Not going well. But I love it? Just a little? Exercise - it's really like a wonder drug. You can feel free to hit me now.

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