Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My favorite Lost quote from the hype on Season Four:

Then Ben grabs a gun and tries to shoot Charlotte himself and suddenly all bets are off. Locke is especially furious, because he is the only one allowed to murder rescuers in cold blood. So he turns the gun on Ben, and just as he's about to kill him, Ben offers to tell him ANYTHING, ANYTHING! He has information! Hilariously, Locke turns into an addled online fan of the show and sputters, "What is the monster? The black smoke monster?" Ben, speaking for the writers, has no idea.
- from nymag.com

New York also agrees with me and my husband that the last episode, though focused on my erstwhile favorite Sayid, was not that great. Still, not that great for "Lost" is still pretty damned great.....

....proving to me that tv can be as fun as movies and books, but not all that often. I'm also not as well versed as some of my friends...haven't done the research, anyway.

Over here during Flu Fun 2008, we've seen "Hairspray" twice, "Sense and Sensibility", "The Simpsons Movie" (highly inappropriate for the children but highly HI-larious) Wake Forest BEAT DUKE, lots of "baby shows", we've accidentally chipped a golf ball right at the cat, and fought about science fair projects. I also was able to read "On Chesil Beach", Ian McEwan's latest. Whilst I agree with at least one reviewer (reviews read AFTER I finished the novel, thank you very much) that the two characters are wholly unlikeable and not fleshed out fully, I also think there IS a larger theme in the book. The theme of English repressiveness and the stoic nature of its people and governement, versus the rock and roll it produced and the freedom of the 60s. In my view, one character is one English type and another character the other. The book has comedy and edginess but ultimately it is horrible and sad, and made me cry (just like Emma Thompson in "Sense and Sensibility")...and for a book to do that means I must have found it very fine indeed.

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