Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I cannot do anything remotely as thorough nor interesting as Melz' Oscar recap, so read hers.

There was competition for my attention on Sunday night, anyway. My friend AV was in the same camp. Apparently, when she came to bed late, her husband asked "what happened?". AV replied, "Oh, Miss Eliza Bennett came to her senses and she and Mr. Darcy declared their love!".

Clooney is not as interesting when he has his cocktail waitress with him. The dresses didn't even rock me. If I had to pick a fave or two I might chose this one, this one, this one, this one, or maybe even this one though SOMEBODY needs to get some stage training if she is going to be an Oscar presenter.

The only time I felt anything akin to happiness during the parts of the broadcast that I watched was when Glenn and Marketa won. The audience was so clearly behind them, too. Melz did acknowledge, and I agree, that James McAvoy's brogue was just as thick as Glenn's. And twice as fine!

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