Sunday, February 24, 2008

For Sunday's movie minute, I'll review the movie I just paid $18 to see, and that was "Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert" in Disney Digital 3D. Now, I am too cheap to purchase via Fandango ($4 in service charges is 1/5 of a bottle of vodka saved), so we went a few minutes early and hoped for the best this afternoon. I was worried...., but we went to a run-down, out-of-the-way theatre so as to not run into anyone we know, and it paid off. My daughter and I shared the theatre with... one.

Which was fun as hell. We had much commentary, and no one cared that I had a bit of a stomach issue and thus some gassy emissions. The previews were frequent and some in 3D, , and the concert itself was pleasant. I don't understand the appeal of the Jonas Brothers, but then again, who could have explained, circa 1976, my obsession with Donny Osmond? My daughter doesn't really love them anyway. She really loves Miley, and wants to meet her now, and it breaks my heart. Because she has nothing in common with Miley, meeting stars is really not that fun (believe me), and it is likely never to happen. Normal reaction to her first concert, though...I completely understand and remember that very feeling after my first show. (Even though mine was live, I'm pretty sure the ticket cost was less than this movie we just saw). (I did wear a similar style of glasses in both shows, though).

Anyway, the movie is fun, they show a few backstage moments, and I do believe that Miley actually sings for more than 60% of her show. I like most of the songs, I sang along, and like I said, my daughter left questioning the big issues of fame, famous friends, and a career in carefully choreographed pop stardom. A successful afternoon I would say.

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Schleiferkin said...

Suzel -- You would never survive in our home. We have a NO FART RULE. We've sustained it for 8 years. After-all, I am married to the most delicious combination of John John and Pierce Brosnan. We have our priorities! Though, now that my mom lives with us, she breaks it routinely. Ick. Double Ick.