Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Facebook: "It's Like the Hotel California"

Eek. And yet, isn't all of the web just like Facebook in this way? I've technically dropped out of my message boards from my first pregnancy - due mostly to a lack of time. But those girls know where I am and how to find me. Unless I change my email address and get a new computer, I'm pretty sure I'm traceable. After the Hard Drive Crash of ought-eight, we've noticed that no one on the Internet seemed to think we were gone at all. We've jumped right back in where we left off.

Facebook is fun, but I don't have much invested in it. I would assume that if it were your link to the dating world, or your only online outlet, or you need to be invisible for a while due to crime, indiscretions, or self-preservation, you might be truly frustrated by the archival nature of the site.

That said, who's up for Scrabulous???

1 comment:

zstin said...

they only have a limited nonexclusive license to my copyrighted works whilst they are posted on there.

and im always up for scrabulous.