Sunday, January 06, 2008

Now That's More Like It

I've seen a zillion movies in the past week. Much, much more my speed than the way things have been going.

Tonight: Atonement. Don't tell my book club (if you are in my book club and reading this, I'll see it again, don't worry! But my husband and I both adored the book and he's peevish when I see things without him, and well, you'll just have to forgive me. I reviewed the book when we read it, and I'm the president, so there.) Keira was great, sexy, long, lean, BRITISH, elegant. I love James McEvoy. I loved it - it had beauty and class and color and sweeping waves of cinematic yumminess. Of COURSE I like the book better - but well done, movie adapters!

Friday night: Superbad. You are expecting me to say I laughed until tears ran out of my eyes, and that Judd Apatow can do no wrong (which I generally do think) and Seth Rogen is a genius and etc. but I wasn't feeling it. It's a dick flick, and though I like to say I can swing with that, for some reason I didn't with this film. I did, however, enjoy the hell out of McLovin.

Thursday: Juno. It is SO sweet, and SO tender, and SO snarky/funny....and the soundtrack SO freaking got on my nerves, but I did love it SO. Important! Do read Ellen Goodman's article about it, if you are so inclined that way...

Tuesday: Enchanted. (Thanks for reminding me, A.!) Completely Enchanting. Amy Adams has it down. I was really into it, and desperately into the big musical number in Central Park. WTG Disney.

Tuesday night: The Bourne Ultimatum. Fun, fun, fun, superfun, delicious. I was very pleased all around. Wish I could have seen it on the big screen. I read, in Parade mag, that Matt Damon is so popular because he is an apathetic hero in this laissez-faire age. Bullshit, Walter Scott!

Boxing Day: Charlie Wilson's War. JuJu Roberts looks great in a bikini. She had some interesting eye stuff going on. Philip Seymour Hoffman is stupendous and raises the game of Tom Hanks. The movie didn't make a whole lot of sense to me, but I could tell my husband was practically reaching climax due to 2 hours of discussion, in SorkinSpeak, about the Middle East. I was able to name that tune, though: during a bombing scene we heard an electronica'd version of "And He Shall Purify" from the Messiah, and having sung that about 20x this season I quickly identified it.

My husband saw No Country for Old Men, and is hoping to see There Will Be Blood. I'm just too much of a delicate flower these days, alas.


Jimmy said...

Surprisingly, Anne & I have felt the exact same way about Superbad, but we've not been huge fans of this, or Knocked Up, or 40 Year old virgin - weird huh.

We did see Bourne Ultimatum on the big screen, and Anne's inner ear thing at the time and the shaky-cam nearly made her throw up. She is looking forward to seeing it soon, as her eyes were closed for most of the movie.

SorkinSpeak makes me weak in the knees too! I can watch The American President any time it's on TV.

zstin said...
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zstin said...

uberbad took me back to my high school days, i thought it was great. i also loved knocked up, but wasnt as enthralled with 40yoV. i liked eastern promises, hated factory girl, and am eagerly awaiting michael claytons netflix debut in a few weeks. will be seeing there will be blood soon, and awaiting no country on netflix.

Belle said...

Jimmy, I'm taking you with me next time a Judd Apatow movie comes out. Tell Anne. We'll laugh, we'll cry, it'll be better than Cats.

Z, I saw 40yoV with you and E., remember? I still recall that night as laughter-drenched.

I'm going to revisit Superbad when I'm not in a post-holiday slump.