Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Mac is troubled. My entire music library didn't appear recently. My expression at the moment of realization was something very painful to recreate and may have caused permanent wrinkles. We got it back, but none of our playlists are in the library. Dude. They are still on the iPod but I have the feeling that if we add any music, any at all to the iPod, that we'll lose the playlists. How will we get along without my husband's "Earnest Music"? (stoopid name, excellent mix). I won't be able to recreate "Derby Day 2004" or "Christmas 2006" or "Gum Surgery 2007". The "F*ck Mix" was a classic created by my inlaws, the "Fleurs et Couleurs" playlist started with "Black Flowers" by Yo La Tengo, natch...but what else was on there?

And now Safari is gone. I KNOW Firefox is more cool but Safari was great and seemingly Mac-ish. Dang, dang, dang.

Any advice from you out there with computer saavyness?


Lynn said...

I'm sorry. If it's helpful I have Christmas 2006 and Fleurs et Couleurs playlists for you.

zstin said...

get an external flash drive with 30+ gigs and Back Up Your Music, stat.