Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Did Facebook mess up my hard drive?

Did Andkon?

Did Mazda?

The time for pointing fingers is passed. The time for solutions, both expensive and complicated, is nigh. My poor husband has been working at work, at the Apple store, and at home to fix things. We really need an IT guy (in addtion to: a wife, a house cleaner, a personal shopper/organizer, and more time in general).

I can't even download pictures of the presh new niece, and there is always the slight, horrible chance that all of our data will vanish (again). We did lose all of our iTunes, but I somehow sucked some of it out of the iPod back on the computer.

It's funny how this stuff consumes your life, but it does. Luckily? We're going to write it all off on taxes.

Now for your daily Democratic moment - see this New Yorker article and tell me what you think.

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