Friday, January 25, 2008

My hard drive, along with my sense of humor and my work ethic, is corrupted.

I plan to get loads done whilst my computer is at hospital: go to Georgia for 36 hours, take all of my pilled sweaters to Goodwill, have a good cry, make meatballs with my daughter, reglaze the tub, and read something silly and fun. Oh, and lose ten pounds. Dream big, I always say!

For now, I'm at work and blogging at work (!) which has many secretive joys. When I go home there will be no computer, which could be a good thing. I did not enjoy seeing Heath Ledger in a body bag this week.

Speaking of that image, go read my buddy's comments about that and doughnut vomiting, and check out my other friends' blogs as well (listed in the bottom left-hand corner). I'll hope to be coming at ya live by Wednesday or so, from the good old eMac. I also ask that you say a prayer to the data recovery gods. And for Pete's sake, people, back up your stuff. It hurts deeply to lose a year's worth of photos, emails, movies, and music. Let me be your cautionary tale.

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