Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thank God for the Carolina Hurricanes! (Such a funny team name in a way - just because it is ice hockey - it is like the Wichita Wave sailing team or something) (Then again, I love the red motif and the image of a hurricane is so suitably scary to us Carolinians, and now to the nation...and they blow a weather siren when the boys score - ok, I like it)

My poor husband - the Deacons had a crappy year and he basically blew off college basketball most of the season. I won't comment more on that because the gravity of the situation demands delicacy. Then we both got excited about the Braves...for no reason. Well, I have one reason, but it is not so much about his baseball playing abilities. Though those are really great for his Baby Brave status. Then my hubby decided that Barbaro would win the Preakness and thus, the Triple Crown.

Ok. So you see where I am headed.

But the hockey team! The team currently playing in the middle of a spring heat wave in Raleigh - they are doing great! And making us proud, and providing all kinds of exciting sports moments. I am gainly trying to learn about checking (which I hate) and hat tricks (which seem highly unlikely) and in the meantime hoping that this bunch of scrappy skaters lift my sports-hungry husband's spirits.

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Eric said...

You had better seriously knock on wood after this post, which the gods may have found quite presumptuous. Meanwhile, I have been learning some of the lingo myself, such as what it means when an offensive player is located "in the crease."