Monday, May 08, 2006

Many things to fret and worry about - year-round schools (and our lack of desire to attend one), a new job (just for a few weeks and then I can think about next year), husband out-of-town (but we're doing fine), all the crazed Mom beyotches in town (I have got to find some thicker skin), a/c unit leaking (NOT FREAKING AGAIN!!! HOW CAN THIS BE???).

Many things to enjoy, too. Rain. And lots of it, to alleviate our drought conditions and help our tiny family garden to sprout at last. Funny comments from the children - from my son, telling his sister that "You're really too pretty to be cute". And my daughter telling me to "live life day-by-day and take it as it comes". When I asked her where she got this philosophy, her answer was not very surprising. Tball and soccer games, spring views and smells, good books and music, and our trip to New York. Typing it all out helps me remember and helps me shake off the yicky, sticky coating of evil from the aforementioned concerns.


Lynn said...

summer is on the way - this means a BIG break from the grill of bitchhood.

Eric said...

Yesh, I am strangely comforted that our girl draws inspiration from philosopher Mooch.